How to Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Sharing the link to my latest YouTube creation: How to Raise Your Vibration, which could also be called HOW TO BE HAPPY, have more love, be healthy, and thrive!!


This vid includes a little story about how I got inspired on a 15 year journey to "raise my vibration" from a teacher/mentor I met in Peru around 5/5/5 (May 5, 2005). I've since learned a lot about the topic and think about it nearly every hour of every day!


There is an explanation of what makes up our vibration (some factors are more easily modifiable than others) and how to up-level it in multiple different ways. Check it out if you think it could help you or someone you love! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend (or whatever day you're reading this)!! ☀️


#astrology #spirituality #holisticpsychology #raiseyourvibration #SHINE

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