How to Increase Self-Love & Cultivate Compassion

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Hi everyone! I cannot believe it's been a month between my last two YouTube vids! I've been super immersed in my planning process for my upcoming 3 month trip to Costa Rica (followed by ? 3-6 month in Mexico). I'll most likely be working online from Central America most of 2021. So, planning has really consumed my time outside of work sessions!!

But it's coming together. And I wanted to get this video edited and published before the end of Pisces season (today is the last full day). Tomorrow is the equinox and the shift into Aires around 5:30 am.

The video is about improving self-love and cultivating (self-) compassion, two very watery (Pisces/Cancer) themes. These themes are hugely important in my work, and they are things I talk about in nearly all of my sessions, in one way or another. So, it was really gratifying to collect some of my favorite ideas on the topic and present them in video form. . Recorded the video at night, so the light quality is not optimal. This motivated me to finally buy a new vlogging camera I've had my eye on for months! So, hopefully upcoming videos recorded at night (which is when I sometimes feel motivated to make them--after a particularly awesome work day), will be brighter. . The vid is about 26 minutes long and includes a step-by-step process for improving your relationship with yourself. This has loads of implications--improved relationships with others, increased happiness, increased fulfillment, feeling of inspiration, and greater tolerance, to name a few. . Check it out if you think it could be of help to you or someone you know... 💗


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