Holistic Approaches to Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common reasons people seek out and use integrative medicine. It's also strongly related to anxiety, stress, and depression--big-time psych issues! So of course it's a speciality area for me.

In this video I discuss some of the common reasons people have insomnia, including a small tutorial on Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic perspective on insomnia. (If you read my bio or met me back then, you know I used to work as a holistic physician at Deepak Chopra's Ayurvedic Center--so Ayurveda is one of my special skills.) I also discuss herbal approaches to insomnia, nutraceutical approaches, behavioral approaches, and some general tips.

Insomnia is usually an indication that something more global is going on with the body, so make sure to address both the symptom and the underlying condition...

Hope this vid helps some of you!! If it does, please like, comment, and share (on YouTube)!

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/YnvoangGaB4

I cannot see everyone who finds me or reaches out, so vids and the articles I write are my way of giving. 💜

Happy dreaming! 🌙

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