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Health, Passion & Purpose
Online Retreat

A unique ONLINE retreat and educational program designed to help you ignite your passion, clarify your purpose, and make mind-body-spirit wellness a priority.

6 Sundays Feb 19-Mar 26, 2023
4-6:30 PT/7-9:30ET


Presented by Kayse Budd, MD - The Astro Muse

Holistic psychiatrist, astrologer, yogi, artist, and all-around magical person

WHO This Program Is for...

Image by Ashley Batz

This is a program for both men and women of any age. If you are a seeker, looking for help in the following areas, this program is for you.


Want to find your purpose?

If you're  feeling lost or confused, struggling to understand why you are on the planet or what to do after a transition or in a new phase of your life, this experience has something for you!


Curious about astrology?

Want to understand your astrology chart a little better and use that knowledge to tap into your strengths and emphasize your passions?  Astrology is a key ingredient in this retreat!


Interested in spiritual development and healing?

If you've been struggling to move past a disappointment, heal some old family wounds, make peace with your life and yourself, this program is for you!


Want to improve your health?

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, low moods, inflammation, weak immune system, hormone imbalance, or digestive issues? We'll address all of that!


Looking to reach some goals & manifest your dreams?

The segments of this course are timed with astrology to help facilitate setting and receiving goals, as well as opening to intuition, synchronicities, and creative inspiration. 


Want to meet and be inspired by other like-minded seekers?

While this is not group therapy, I do love for my groups to function as a sacred circle. My clients and the people who have participated in my events in the past are amazing people. When amazing people pool their energy for a few hours a week, multiple weeks in a row, transformation is not just possible, it's practically guaranteed!

WHAT This Program Is ...

This is a six-week group coaching + education program. It will function a like an online retreat. Sessions will happen via Zoom. The program will include astrology (some of it general, some of it fairly personalized), psychological theories and discussion, holistic health coaching, spirituality, yoga/movement, meditation, sound healing, and art. The program is not group therapy or medical treatment, so it is not appropriate for anyone suffering from an acute or severe psychiatric condition. We are all works in progress, however, so if you are looking for inspiration, connection, and education in the topics presented below, this could be a good fit. Each program session has a different topic and most will include meditation, a teaching segment, an exercise, opportunity for coaching, Q and A, and homework. Each session will operate as a sacred space-ritualized and powerful. Every participant is part of the healing container. Thus, it's important to attend every segment, be punctual, and commit to the process with your full heart and mind. 

You'll Receive:

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Astrology Charts

You will receive 2-3 astrology charts emailed to you to use during the sessions. You will need your time of birth for these charts to be accurate. There will be a natal chart, a transit chart, and probably also a  progressed chart. During the program, you will learn how to understand your karmic focus for the current moment and a bit about how to find your purpose using these charts.


Health + Nutrition Education

Two of the sessions of this program cover holistic approaches (including herbs, supplements, diet/nutrition, and Ayurvedic theories and practices) to common problems. Topics include stress/adrenal support, mood/depression, anxiety, immune support, inflammation, digestion, and possibly a dip into hormone health.

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Support + Connection

The power of the group is one of the greatest gifts of this sort of offering. My own south node (past life mastery) is in the 11th house of group/social impact in my chart, so I have had a natural affinity for group work all my life. The camaraderie, connection, friendship, and support that comes from a healing-oriented group container is pure magic!

Everyone contributes their own unique soul medicine to the mix.

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Sound Healing

The final session will include a meditative sound bath by me. I own 6 crystal healing bowls , 6 Tibetan healing bowls, and several Native American frame drums that I will play while you are making a mandala art project.


Yoga/Movement (Optional)

There will be two optional movement segments in this program.

 Yoga: Sat March 11

Dance: Sat March 25


3-4:30 PT/6-7:30 ET

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Wound Work

This program will culminate in a session where we examine and discuss a prominent wound in your life as it relates to the asteroid Chiron in your astrology chart. You will learn how to find and understand Chiron in your own chart and will do some emotional-spiritual work related to processing this wound so it contributes to your grace and your purpose rather than to your suffering and dysfunction.


Mandala Art Experience

The final session of this program includes the creation of a pen, ink, and/or watercolor mandala that will commemorate your journey through the program and also serve as a sort of intention-setting device or dreamboard for your future growth and development. I made a similar mandala for myself 20 years ago, and nearly everything I wrote on it has come to be.


Clarity of Purpose

The first two sessions of this program are about passion and purpose. We will use your astrology chart as well as some group coaching to help you hone in on your purpose or at least the portion of your purpose that is active right now. Expect to feel activated, inspired, and connected to your sense of mission and destiny.


Greater Life Acceptance + Understanding of Your Next Steps

One of my goals as a healer and spiritual teacher is to help people understand themselves and improve their self-acceptance. Life is beautiful but also challenging. This program will help you elevate your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health while also setting you on a karmically-aligned course professionally and personally.

Dates: Sundays
4:00-6:30 Pacific Time
(7-9:30 Eastern Time)
Feb 19 - March 26

+ 2 optional yoga/movement sessions: Sat Mar 11 and Sat Mar 25
3:00-4:30 PM PT (6:00-7:30 ET)

The sessions will be recorded in case you have to arrive late or depart early to/from one or two of the meetings.

Program Design

- Full Spectrum Wellness -
Mind, Body, and Spirit

Gemini Moon
First Quarter
Feb 26, 2023

Aquarius/Pisces New Moon
Feb 19, 2023

Leo Moon
Waxing Gibbous
Mar 5, 2023

Pisces Moon
Waning Crescent
Mar 19, 2023

Scorpio Moon
Last Quarter
Mar 12, 2023

Gemini Moon
Waxing Crescent
Mar 26, 2023



It's my goal to make this as affordable as possible, though we'll need a minimum amount of participants to run the program at this price. If we don't reach the necessary minimums I'll be in touch the day prior to the start date and will refund your investment the following day.

There will be one to four partial scholarships (tuition $333). To be considered for one of the need-based scholarships, please send an email to describing who you are and why you'd love to do this experience. Any participant who wants to sponsor a scholarship, can add $200 to their tuition (do this though the registration link at the bottom of the page or via Venmo @mysticmandala). Tuition is non-refundable (unless the program does not run), but if your plans change before we start, credit can be used towards individual sessions or other educational programs in my practice. Once the program starts, tuition is non-refundable/non-transferable, but sessions will be recorded, so if you have to miss any, you will have access to the recordings.

General Retreat



Tuition + Private Dharma

Mapping Astro Session


Tuition + Private Dharma Mapping Session + 60-min Personalized Ayurvedic Health Evaluation


VIP Experience: Tuition + Dharma Mapping + 60-min Ayurvedic Health Evaluation + 5 private 1:1 coaching sessions during the program


I want to join this unique online healing + educational experience.

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