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Health, Passion & Purpose
Online Retreat

A unique ONLINE mini-retreat and educational program designed to help you ignite your passion, clarify your purpose, and make mind-body-spirit wellness a priority.

Downloadable Program
Three Sessions Over Three Weeks

Presented by Kayse Budd, MD - The Astro Muse

Holistic psychiatrist, astrologer, yogi, artist, and all-around magical person

WHO This Program Is for...

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This is a program for both men and women of any age. If you are a seeker, looking for help in the following areas, this program is for you.

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Want to find your purpose?

If you're  feeling lost or confused, struggling to understand why you are on the planet or what to do after a transition or in a new phase of your life, this experience has something for you!


Curious about astrology?

Want to understand your astrology chart a little better and use that knowledge to tap into your strengths and emphasize your passions?  Astrology is a key ingredient in this retreat!


Want to deepen your relationship with yourself and improve your self-care?

This program is a do-it-yourself mini retreat. If you don't have the time or freedom to go on a big retreat, but you do have the resources to invest in a self-paced program over a few weeks, Health Passion + Purpose is for you!!


Want to improve your health?

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety,  or low moods? We'll address all of that!


Looking to improve your intuition, reach some goals & manifest your dreams?

The segments of this course are infused with astrologic info and spiritual coaching to facilitate setting and attaining goals, as well as opening to intuition, synchronicities, and creative inspiration. 

WHAT This Program Is ...

This is a three-week healing + education program. I originally designed the program as a live, online group coaching program but transitioned it to a downloadable format to make it flexible and accessible to more people. The program was going to be six sessions, but I shortened it to three.  I may do a Part II with three more sessions. We'll see! The program includes astrology (including copies of your own predictive and natal charts), psychological theories and discussion, holistic health coaching, spirituality, and meditation. The program is not medical treatment, so it is not meant to take the place of medical care. It is possible to experience healing during the process, however! If you are looking for inspiration, transformation, and education in the topics presented below, this could be a good fit. Each week has one or more "lesson content" videos, as well as daily journaling exercises, homework, activity prompts, and intentions to ponder.

You'll Receive:

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Astrology Charts

You will receive three astrology charts emailed to you to use during the sessions. You will need your time of birth for these charts to be accurate. There will be a natal chart, a transit chart, and a  progressed chart. During the program, you will learn how to understand your karmic/soul-aligned focus for the current moment and a bit about how to find your purpose using these charts.


Holistic Health Education

One of the sessions of this program covers holistic approaches (including herbs, supplements, diet/nutrition, and Ayurvedic theories and practices) to stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Inner Sanctuary

This retreat will take you on a journey into multiple aspects of your health and wellness, including your thoughts, emotions, spirituality, and intuition. We'll strengthen your connection to your body, your higher self, and your purpose, while simultaneously cultivating compassion, tolerance, and surrender.


Clarity of Purpose

The first two sessions of this program are about passion and purpose. We will use your astrology chart as well as spiritual + psychological coaching to help you hone in on your purpose or at least the portion of your purpose that is active right now. Expect to feel activated, inspired, and connected to your mission.


Greater Life Acceptance

One of my goals as a healer and spiritual teacher is to help people understand themselves and improve their self-acceptance. Life is beautiful but also challenging. This program will help you elevate your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health while also setting you on a soul-aligned course towards inner and outer harmony.

Program Design

A Closer Look

You will receive several videos + workbook pages

each week via email to do at your own pace.


Tuition is non-refundable, as I have put a lot of time, energy, and LOVE into creating something powerful and transformational. I want it to be outstanding, however, and do value your feedback! If needing some extra support during the process, please reach out. I will offer a 15% discount on 1:1 coaching sessions for those doing this program. 🤍

General Retreat



Tuition + Private

Astrology Session


Tuition + Private Astro Session + 60-min Personalized Ayurvedic Health Evaluation


VIP Experience: Tuition + Private Astro Session + 60-min Ayurvedic Eval + two private 60-min 1:1 coaching sessions during the program


I want to experience this unique healing + educational program.

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